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February 22, 2010

MySpartan Career

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I am a former employee of MSU Career Services at the stadium and I would like to voice my thoughts on the services that they offer from these offices. I worked at Career Services for four years and learned many priceless lessons on how to jump-start your profession career out of college. While there are many tools that Universities can offer to their students, I believe that Career Services has the most experience with matching recent graduates with their dream careers. Between Career Fairs, resume building sessions and Mock Interviews, their services fully prepare future graduates for their opportunity to begin their dream job in the professional world. From my personal experience I have learned that employers are on the edge of their seats waiting for the next budding college graduate to come walking through the interviewing room doors. The fact is that the career services resources are comparably untapped in perspective to what they can possibly do for your future in the professional world. My suggestion to you is to vistit to fully explore all of your possible career opportunites and to see what the professional world has to offer through your own eyes!

As I previously stated I am a former Student assistant from Career Services @ the Stadium and if you have any technical questions on how to work the site I can help!



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